martes, 30 de junio de 2009


Mr. Aráknido has more than 20 years of experience in the artistic field. He has worked in radioes, publicity, theater, circus and street theater; also as teacher in the field and director of clown theater.

At present he is working on different performances, on his individual show, writing scripts for clown theater, organizing the 5th Festival of Circus and Street Theater 2011 in Costa Rica, collaborating on the organization of the 3rd Convention of Malabares of Guatemala, and the 3rd Circus and Juggling Convention held at Guerrero Mexico.
A priority of this company is to create alternative spectacles that carry in a creative way, a protection message of the planet, so that they unleash internal processes in the persons that will lead them to being more conscious and having more amicable practices with the planet.
The circus has generated a big inspiration on him. Since a very young age he visited the circus tents 2 and 3 times to watch the same show. At the age of 6 he rejected his first leading role in a play for children.
In the adolescence it began his practices in a FM radio of the city of Córdoba Argentina as a DJ. In the radio he worked as a reporter and announcer, creating voices for many characters. In the years of university he started in the school of Cinema AND TV, retiring rapidly for a strange passion towards Street Theater and Circus. He continued this path exposing his head and body to an experiment throughout the whole American continent, doing shows in theaters, festivals, streets, parks, circuses and schools of circus, developing
more characters, performances and circus shows. In the meantime he also directs shows and plays of different theater companies in Latin America.
Thanks to this wonderful journey he turns into a specialist in popular Latin-American Theater developing a particular way of communicating with the public.
The show of Mr. Aráknido can be appreciated in any language. In the show he uses some kind of universal language, an experiment of noises, guttural voices, corporal poetry, and words in different languages, English, Chinese, Italian,German, French, Portuguese and Spanish, something surrealistic, dadaísta, at the speed of a television zapping.
Mostly the show is for the whole family, but the acts and their tonality adapt according to the present public.

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